The problem our with coal and water
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Sometimes it's better to rely on others to tell the real story.

In this first video, Behind New Zealand's '100% Pure' Image lies a Dirty Truth by Foreign Correspondent for ABC discusses the real story behind New Zealand's clean, green image hiding a dirty truth. Polluted by intensive dairy farming, its waterways are some of the most degraded in the world. Will the Ardern government clean it up, or will the Maori step in? It's a toxic brew of dirty water and big business. And it's jeopardising New Zealand's '100% pure' clean, green image. New Zealand's pristine landscapes and stunning vistas have made it a magnet for tourists and film directors. Its dairy exports have taken the world by storm. But behind this success story lies a shocking reality. New Zealand has some of the most polluted rivers in the developed world. Moreover, new Zealand's wealthiest Maori tribe has stepped into the stalemate. Ngai Tahu, whose territory spans a large swathe of the South Island, has filed a landmark high court claim over the freshwater in its tribal lands. It's a huge battle over most of our precious natural resource – freshwater.


From One News, this second video on Sunday looks at the real issues behind coal from all perspectives. New Zeland still imports $100M. According to stats from MBIE, our Total Primary Energy use is 868 PJ. Renewables, coal, and gas are converted into heat and power; of this, 55% is geothermal, 26% is hydropower, and 17% is bioenergy.

Sunday asks what it will take to snuff out coal in New Zealand and its impact on our communities? It's why we think bioenergy and fertilizer production should be locally owned and operated.



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